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Terrific Threads

Created in our rural mill from our extensive collection of vintage and fancy yarns. Our Terrific Threads are ideal for embellishing needle felting, embroidery, weaving, tapestry weaving and card weaving, we are sure you will find many other uses.

Terrific Threads AutumnTerrific Threads Brown

Terrific Threads £3.50

A variety pack of 10 different threads. 3m of each. Ideal for feltmaking, embroidery, silk paper making, collage work, mixed media.


Terrific Threads Forest GreenTerrific Threads Golden Sands

Terrific threads berriesTerrific Threads Black

Terrific Threads Green HillsTerrific Threads Greys

Terrific Threads MoorsTerrific Threads Pastel Seas

Terrific Threads PinksTerrific Threads Purples

Terrific ThreadsTerrific Threads Skies

Terrific Threads Tropical OceanTerrific Threads White