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On Tour

Wheeldale Woolcrafts will be at:

Wonderwool Wales

Tynedale Spinners Gathering at Stocksfield

Wharfe Wool Fair

Leeds Wool Festival


Fibre East

British Wool Event

Guisborough Forest Festival



Caravan of Wool Opening Dates:

Monday 28th March 2-4pm

Sunday 3rd April 2-4pm

Sunday 10th April 2-4pm

Wednesday 27th April 2-4pm

Sunday 1st May 2-4pm

Sunday 8th May 2-4pm

Monday 16th May 2-4pm

Wednesday 25th May 2-4pm

Sunday 5th June 2-4pm

Wednesday 15th June 2-4pm

Sunday 3rd July 2-4pm

Sunday 10th July 2-4pm

Wednesday 20th July 2-4pm

Sunday 7th August 2-4pm

Monday 15th August 2-4pm

Wednesday 24th August 2-4pm

Sunday 4th September 2-4pm

Wednesday 14th September 2-4pm

Wednesday 28th September 2-4pm

Sunday 2nd October 2-4pm

Wednesday 19th October 2-4pm

Sunday 6th Novemmber 2-4pm

Wednesday 16th November 2-4pm

Wednesday 23rd Nobvember 2-4pm

Sunday 4th December 2-4pm

Wednesday 14th December 2-4pm

Open at other time by arrangement. To arrange a visit we must be telephoned in advance.