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Kits Blends Specials Wool from the North York Moors and Ryedale Corriedale Needle Felting Wool


Hand dyed fibres

I hand dyed fleece and tops in my dye workshop in colours inspired by the landscape around me. I use professional wool dyes and the colours are poperly fixed, although there maybe some colour bleeding when washed or felted at high temperatures.

When I put new painted tops on this page I also put a post on my Wheeldale Woolcrafts facebook page.


Hand Painted Tops/Rovings

My hand painted tops are varigated (semi solid) multi coloured painted, and gradient. I do change my colours every so often. If its says sold please don't buy it unless you are happy to wait a couple of weeks for me to dye more and you are happy that the wool will look different because each braid is hand dyed and colours do vary between batches. Each 100g braid of tops is dyed individually and there will be some variation between braids because of the hand dyeing process. If you are needing enough for a large project such as jumper please let me know (phone if you want a fast answer!) and I will make sure you have enough from a single dye batch.


Hand Dyed Fleece

I hand dyed selected fleeces from my sheep or from fleeces from my friends farm just down the road from Marton. The majority of the fleece is Blue Faced Leicester x or Southdown x.


New stock will be dyed and upload in first few weeks of may