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To my Wheeldale Woolcrafts website. I specialise in British breeds wool and hand dyeing Shetland and Blue Faced Leicester tops and rovings. I am a felt maker and spinner who supplies feltmaking fibres and feltmaking supplies and spinning fibres and spinning supplies to crafters, artists and organisations. We even have our own flock of sheep!

New Products & News

I am half way through updating the website and listing new products. White thick prefelt is available again on the prefelt page and hand dyed Blue Faced Leicester curly fleece and Leicester Longwool curly fleece is available on the everything else page.


Meet the Sheep

The nine sheep in my flock are currently enjoying living in the barn, eating home grown hay and sheep mix until the weather improves and the ground dries out. Daisy, Daffodil, Isla, Freddie and Titch will all eat from my hand. George, Dotty, Queenie and Flora are not quite confident enough yet.